Saturday is without doubt, the favourite day of the week at the Youth Theatre. This is workshop day, when improvisation, movement theatre, team building games and general good fun are the order of the day.  

These workshops are the engine room of the Youth Theatre. It is here that we collectively explore ideas and concepts in a safe and friendly environment. From time to time, we practise a particular genre of theatre, such as comedie del arte or mime. Often the theme is led by the interests of the particular group. The emphasis is always on freedom of expression and the atmosphere is warm and supportive with much shared laughter. 

There are three separate sessions each week. It is usually the director who facilitates this magic, but on occasion, we welcome guest facilitators to bring their own special energy to the mix. These are fun-filled and high energy sessions where the unique talent, resourcefulness and wit of our young members shines through. The spontaneity and humour never ceases to surprise and delight.


‘Thank you so much for all your hard work and for providing such professional training to the kids’

‘It is such a creative space; they both got such a lot out of it, and have learned so much.  Its a real highlight in their week’

‘She has really loved Youth Theatre on Saturday afternoons. In fact she has convinced her brother and sister that they would love it too’

Older group (15-18yrs) Saturday from 11am - 1pm

Middle group (13-14yrs) Saturday from 2pm - 3.45pm

Younger group (10-12yrs) Saturday from 4.30pm - 6pm